“One of the things I really love about my sessions with Emily is that we laugh a lot. I’ve cried a fair bit too, but Emily has helped me to see and even begin to like myself. I have felt safe enough to face the things I fear are true of me and to love the things that I hope (or know) are true of me.” ~56 year old female

“Emily was a very important part of my wife and I reconnecting. The biggest benefit I found was having a facilitator that could keep the conversation moving in a positive direction without it venturing into an argument. She helped us establish new habits and new methods for dealing with each other’s differences…particularly communication styles. We noticed a major difference in our relationship within a couple sessions and a complete transformation by the end of our sessions. I would highly recommend Emily for any couple that has lost what they once had.” ~42 year old male

“Thank you for letting the Lord use you to bless us and helping (daughter’s name) to find her wholeness in Christ!!” ~53 year old female

“Counseling with Emily has been an incredibly hard and healing journey. I found that my sessions with Emily were the safest place for me to experience healing for the first time in my life. Emily helped me gain my voice, build confidence, and see many things I wasn’t aware of before and practical ways for change in my everyday life. I realized areas of avoidance, excuses, and fears I needed help facing – and she helped me do just that. But, perhaps the most encouraging thing about our sessions is that we prayed together. At times, I was struggling with my faith and to hear her pray for me was so encouraging. With Emily’s grace-based approach to counseling I noticed just how much grace I didn’t have for myself and how that impacts us in our efforts to change. Emily has helped me in countless ways and I have noticed more about myself than I ever imagined. I am thankful for the work she has done with me, the patience she has, and the kindness and love she has for her clients carrying a lot on their shoulders. Thank you for being a catalyst for change in my heart, mind, and soul.” ~24 year old female

“My therapist, Emily, not only helped me heal, but gave me tools to help my way of thinking about myself and the people around me. Tools that I will use the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for Emily.” ~24 year old female

“Emily was amazing to work with! She was understanding, helpful, and made us feel at ease during our sessions. As a couple we really gained a lot of insight and deeper respect for each other through our meetings with her.” ~29 year old male and 31 year old female

“Emily is a kind and compassionate person as well as an avid listener. Emily always gave me her full attention and focus during sessions and helped me to develop the tools to work through the issues I was struggling with. I was able to apply these tools to my everyday life and continue to use them today when problems arise.” ~27 year old female

“Through my time working with Emily, I learned more about myself and the reasons I was reacting to certain situations in a negative way. Emily helped me ‘connect the dots’ between adolescent thought processes to my adult reactions and behaviors. Her insight has given me tools to become a healthier emotional adult.” ~39 year old female

“Thank you Emily! I have learned so much about myself, my attitudes and beliefs about body image, food and self-esteem. I feel so much more empowered to tackle negative thinking and learning to love me for me. Your ability to redirect and challenge my personal “norms” was the catalyst I needed to start changing my negative thought processes. Thank you for always having a kind smile and encouraging word.” ~34 year old female

“Therapy can be scary. Emily made me feel at-ease and welcome to share, without the anxiety of being judged. It was really cool when I learned things from her and was able to apply them to my life.” ~18 year old male

“Emily guided us through the Prepare-Enrich premarital counseling program, which helped us identify our strength and improvement areas in our relationship. It was an extremely helpful process for us to go through and Emily taught us communication tools that are tailored for our relationship. She gave great recommendations during each session and also recommended great readings for us to learn more about how to relate to one another.” ~36 year old female

“Everyone experiences adversity from time to time. At some point in your life, you may require help developing healthy coping skills to overcome the adversity you’re facing. I began seeing Emily when adversities in my life were overwhelming. Her warmth and compassion are genuine and evident throughout her work. Her knowledge in the field of therapy, encouragement and communication produce an unparalled combination. She is a trust worthy, guiding, and energetic therapist to work with. There are a thousand ways to say this but I’ll sum it up: Emily is the best.” ~23 year old female

“My young daughters and I began working with Emily to enable us to copy with the issues that come with a divorce. I appreciate the tools, lessons, and challenges she has given us to become healthier individuals.” ~48 year old female

An incredibly kind and special poem by a client:

"Candles and Prisms of Our LORD

They teach it to us early 
because we should not forget 
the rules of HIS light are simple 
mirrors only reflect, it is prisms that refract

so easy to simply love mirrors
to see only oneself, to give only what is given
so easy to close the doors to light unseen
to close the doors to HIM

but to stand openly in HIS light 
to let it flow through you and your life 
to watch it form a million colors 
to let HIS light and LIFE fill the night

to be the candle that spreads his light 
to let HIM work through you 
to let his light flood though your soul 
and then make others whole

well that is faith and grace 
that is healing through HIS light 
that is living his words 
that is being grateful for HIS gift of life

They teach it to us early 
because we should not forget 
the rules of HIS light are simple 
mirrors only reflect, it is prisms that refract

thank you for being a candle, a prism, a lens of HIS light" ~60 year old male


Please note testimonials are used with written permission.